Once a forgotten giant,
Now rising steadily,
You hear the songs they sing out there?
They know were coming strong and bold,
Do not confuse us with other teasers,
For its a great mistake,
Like a green spot on a white plain,
Kagumo, we rise, we conquer

There, their tears are coming down,
For nothing seems to stop us now,
The battle is forthcoming,
Kagumo! Ready your weapons,
Sharpen your brains, strengthen your minds,
We are in control, fear will not be found,
War is not a game for chance,
Its a battle that we must win, Kagumo, we rise, we conquer.

Though the climb looks steep,
A win comes not without a pinch,
The top looks better than a 57,
So we must indeed reach the haven,
Quiet, shhh! The drums are sounding,
Get your books because the war has started,
Your minds are opened and you are ready for war,
Our enemies are closing in looking buff and strong But we can beat them for we are smart
Kagumo, we rise, we conquer.