With booms and boos, nature blooms,
As its lovely petals in the fertile garden,
Blossom up in nature high,
Soaring in the perfect blue sky,
Are the eagles flying high?
As Mr. Sun rises in the east,
So does the morale rise from the wheat to yeast,
All birds chirping,
Crickets chanting,
A new day in the Garden of Eden,
Not a soul different from heaven,
And as all rounds up.
The sun sets sadly to the west,
At least congratulated for giving its best
But it needs to go to rest,
Its full of darkness and silently,
There are still some breathing moments in the vicinity,
Mother Moon shining to take the gloom,
With her baby little stars fit to shine in doom,
Fitting as a perfect family.
Just to add breath to sanity, not even a perfect pitched sound,
Can for surely say,
That the environ beauty, for sure lies in,
Paradise nature.

By: Ted Thethere 2B ADM 1315