You are a product of your own thoughts. Even when somebody else agrees to think on your behalf, attitude reigns supreme because it determines your final response. Attitude is a belief in you, about you and for you. It is the control system of your enthusiasm in performing a task or approaching something.

Attitude is the only basis of your goals and dreams. Even your spiritual life is dependent on the attitude of your mind. It is clear goal than have the correct attitude without a clear goal than to have a clear goal with the wrong attitude. The first example I would like to give is having your own private jet but no destination. The good thing though is that you can choose any destination by just changing your attitude and believing in yourself.

To anyone who has a well defined goal there are a number of things that you must do inorder to fulfil your big dream. First change your attitude. To a student it might sound senseless to develop a positive attitude towards the teachers you have most but that is the reality. It is a do or die. For your survival you must do it.

No matter ho2w hard you work as a student, how long you sit in a library, and how many times you hold discussions, your achievement will not be determined by any of them, it is your own resolution that determines your position. Funmi Wale Adegbite, a successful Nigerian business woman once said, success is 80 percent attitude and 20 percent aptitude.

Attitude is the axle that joins all the wheels to make a successful drive. To form 4s I wish you the best luck.